NASA team inspecting the asteroid capsule
A test OSIRIS-REx sample module plummeting down to the Utah desert.
NASA test-firing a small-scale SLS booster


Webb telescope just made tantalizing find on ocean world Europa

NASA rover finds place where extraordinary events occurred on Mars

This NASA spacecraft successfully flew through a sun explosion

How asteroid Bennu got its odd name and other facts

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The biggest asteroids that have ever hit Earth

Webb telescope spills secrets of a famous supernova

NASA found evidence of ice on Mars. What does that mean?

Webb captures the arresting beauty of a perfect spiral galaxy

10 mind-blowing facts about space

Why landing a spaceship on the moon is still so challenging

NASA films rare footage of its Mars helicopter flying and landing

How far is the moon from Earth anyway?

Right now 2 nations are racing to the moon to land at the south pole

Webb peers at most distant star yet and finds a surprise
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