Apple's best Night mode photos of 2019

Written by Stan Schroeder(opens in a new tab)

Apple's best Night mode photos of 2019

Written by Stan Schroeder(opens in a new tab)

In January, Apple announced(opens in a new tab) a contest for the best photographs shot on with Night mode on the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max.

On Tuesday, the company revealed the winners, chosen by a panel of photography experts and Apple execs, including Phil Schiller. 

Taken in Moscow with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Konstantin Chalabov

Photo taken in Moscow with an iPhone 11.

Rustam Shagimordanov

There are six winning photographs, and all of them are a testament to what can be achieved with Apple's Night mode — from a serene, snowy night scene taken by Russia's Konstantin Chalabov(opens in a new tab) to the mesmerizing outline of an art installation in Spain against an orange sky, taken by Rubén P. Bescós(opens in a new tab)

Other winning photographers are Andrei Manuilov(opens in a new tab) from Russia, Mitsun Soni(opens in a new tab) from India, Rustam Shagimordanov(opens in a new tab) from Russia, and Yu “Eric” Zhang(opens in a new tab) from China (featured at the top of this story).

Check out all the winning photographs here(opens in a new tab)

Photo taken in Mumbai with an iPhone 11 Pro.

Mitsun Soni

The winning photos will be featured in a gallery on as well as on Apple's Instagram account and global billboards, the company said.

A similar contest from Apple in January of last year proved controversial as, originally, Apple offered no compensation to the winners — a decision the company later reversed. For this latest contest, Apple made clear from the get-go that it will "pay a licensing fee to the five winning photographers for use of such photos on Apple marketing channels."

Photo taken in Pamplona, Spain, with an iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Rubén P. Bescós

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    Stan Schroeder

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